a + t associates, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Vadodara, Gujarat, was established by Archis and Tanvi in 2010

with a view to explore design directions and taking design process as a journey of discovery. a+t is a design consultancy firm that offers services aimed at the end to end design of spaces. The firm has also won several Regional and national awards for various residential and commercial projects. The work of a+t is also featured regularly in important Architectural and Interior publications of India.


Archis Patel

Founder & Principle


Tanvi Rajpurohit

Co-Founder & Principal


Why US?

a + t has an unparalleled flair for 'modern simplicity' or 'classical minimalism'. Our design aesthetic is marked by clean, simple and sophisticated lines, a palette of neutral colors and interesting textures. Our designs possess a basic seriousness with an injection of freshness.

Our core philosophy is to create spaces keeping all functional aspects in mind, giving full efforts to satisfy our client. One of our key strengths is our meticulous attention to the execution of our designs so that our clients are assured of the highest quality.

Each of the projects strives to enrich one's experience of space, light & air, context, materials and craftsmanship through the experience of architecture & interior. We look at design holistically often blurring the boundaries between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape, furniture and lighting.



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