Swapna Bunglow

The project is built on a 8,400 sq.ft. plot size with 8,826 sq.ft. built –up area located in Vadodara, Gujarat. 

This project started with a simple thought to work according to the contextual location of the site. As the adjoining plot is a beautiful and huge landscape so we thought to try to place all the public spaces facing towards that side and placed landscaping area of this house also, so the family can enjoy and rejuvenate the nature from all corners. We always think about the interior spaces before we think for the exterior part of it. Interior spaces should breathe and filled with natural light & energy. The front facade of the house sculpted out by the play of maximum number of vertical horizons. The architecture of this house strongly portrays modern contemporary aesthetics. A strong thematic continuity underlies its expressions along with the variations in each space that brings about enriched diversity in experiential qualities.