This 5 bedroom house is situated in a plush community living in Anand, Gujarat. We have been approached to do the architecture and interior both for the project. This house is for a family of 5. It has 3 floors, Ground, first and second floor. The initial discussions were to have a simple, elegant and timeless conventional house. Where in their all requirements should fulfil. It should be a cosy, comfortable house. Generally we play with neutrals a lot but this time we decided to break our own pattern and played with lots of colours. We have used bright and fresh tones in form of white oak wood veneer, lots of greys on walls, pop colours in furniture and furnishings etc. All the common connected spaces have uniform theme going everywhere but individual rooms has a character of its own. Son’s bedroom and daughter’s room have been designed very carefully observing there persona. You can easily see the pop colours used here in majority.